Steel Forgings Gulf's vision is to be an industry leader in manufacturing and supply of high quality products in the oil and gas industry with benchmark in quality of stock of base materials and contribute to sustainable development with a highly trained team of experienced professionals. We will accomplish this through our core competencies, commitment to excellence and high value to customer satisfaction and retention.


Steel forging Gulf's strategic intent is to be the leading manufacturer, OEM and sourcing specialist of forged steel fittings, flanges and pipes designated to the oil, gas and power industry that builds value for its customers through quality, pricing and satisfaction. Our goal is to combine our experience and technical knowledge to improve and strive to be the preferred vendor to our clients. We will help our customer achieve economic success and financial security by building relationship based on trust and integrity. SFG will also build a dedicated and talented workforce where our employees can learn, prosper and make our company stronger.

Our Values
  • We value Customer Satisfaction

    We emphasize on building relationships with the customer by listening, following through with our commitments, anticipate and respond to our customer needs and promote SATISFACTION which is the key to profitability.

  • We deliver Quality

    Quality assures reliability, safety and performance. We strive to provide full technical support, delivery and lead time as per customer specification. Implementation of our business is based on the best industry practice.

  • We are flexible

    Whether your requirement is urgent, single or for a complex package of materials we will ensure that all commercial, technical and delivery conditions are fully in accordance with your specific requirements.
    It is our biggest strengths that empowers us to satisfy diverse specifications from customers.

  • We act with Integrity

    In all our activities we seek to display unchanging fundamental qualities – integrity, honesty, respect and dignity and always strive for mutual advantage thereby contributing to our customers and vendors success. We want to earn trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards in all of our actions.

  • We promote Team Work

    We set mutual goals and work with each other, with our customers, with our suppliers and the community – to make things happen. We value our work force members and partners. We always support and equip each team member for job success, and we recognize those who help the Company grow.

  • We monitor Risk Management

    Regulatory watch, occupational health and safety performance, and environmental performance. We want align our corporate and supplier objectives to build stronger relationships, where performance can be incentivized to achieve competitive advantage.

  • We focus on innovation

    Think differently. Always innovate to keep your customers happy. We embrace these ideas that move us forward and serve our customers.